About Us

Horsaison is not your typical clothing label. It’s not fashion. It’s sustainable, convenient, and solid streetwear. Meant to be worn, used, and torn. Founded in 2017 in Montreal, we carefully select and upcycle strong quality surplus materials into new garments.

Every piece is unique, and limited. Every fabric has a past, and we value it.

It’s a question of respect for the material’s previous life, and appreciation for the labour and resources that went into fabricating something of quality. We have the luxury of having a choice, and we choose to redefine these otherwise disregarded products. We breathe our vision into them, and it is your responsibility to give them a second life. 

Horsaison is a world in which norms are redefined and in constant evolution. 

Horsaison is a state of mind. Don't be careful when wearing our garments, be true to who you are. Consider them your blank canvas, and let the story begin